PROMO Cash&Carry

PROMO Cash&Carry is the biggest wholesale warehouse-type self-service chain store in the Baltic States, which offers a broad selection of food and convenience goods that meet the needs of corporate customers at low wholesale prices.

  • The first PROMO Cash&Carry was opened in 1997 in Kaunas and there are now 10 stores in Lithuania.
  • The first PROMO Cash&Carry store in Latvia was opened in 2011 and their number has grown to 4 by now.
  • Total trade space amounts to ca 44 000 m² and the chain employs more than 500 people.
  • In August 2015 we opened PROMO Cash&Carry in Tallinn, at Peterburi tee 61.

The stores are aimed at the B2B sector and sell everything necessary for everyday business.

All types of clients benefit from the concept of Cash&Carry.
It helps small clients keep their daily expenses under control and make purchases according to their needs – there is no minimal value that a purchase must meet.
Bigger clients who need more products and rotate them faster benefit the most from the wholesale prices and big product selection.

 Promo Cash and Carry store


We want to motivate our clients to plan their purchases in advance, because prices are lower for larger qualities of goods. This saves you time and money.

  • A broad and diverse product selection that meets the needs of clients
  • Everything can be bought from the same place both for business and households
  • In addition to retail packaging, products are also available in larger wholesale packaging and bigger quantities
  • There are two prices on the tags – the retail price charged for buying the product one by one, and the wholesale price charged for purchases from a certain quantity
  • Different payment options – cash, debit or credit card, invoice
  • Convenient opening hours – Mon to Fri 7-21:00, Sat 7-19:00 & Sun 8-18:00
  • Stock optimization – fresh goods all the time
  • The spacious stores guarantee comfortable self-service – the aisles between shelves have been planned in consideration of large shopping trolleys and movement trajectories
  • Convenient and fast customer service also when large quantities of goods are purchased
  • Individual approach to every client
  • Discounts on quantity

Promo Cash and Carry fruit aisle


Our selection consists of more than 16,000 products carefully selected in consideration of the requests, needs and habits of our clients, and general market trends. We focus largely on local producers and importers, and also include well-known international trademarks. We regularly increase and adjust our product selection. We give special attention to clients operating in the food service sector.

  • Our stores sell food, soft drinks, alcohol, tobacco, hygiene products, household chemicals, crockery, kitchen goods, office supplies and other durable goods, pet food and supplies.
  • The adjustable temperature in our modern stores also allows us to sell chilled and frozen goods, fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products, frozen meat and fish, and other food that requires storage at a special temperature.
  • Companies that handle food can also purchase quality crockery, kitchen goods, cutlery, cleaning agents and other items intended for professional use.
  • Our product selection also contains pet food and supplies


Purchases in our stores can only be made by loyalty card holders, which all legal entities – companies, NGOs, state and local government agencies and sole traders can apply for. We offer loyal customers contractual discounts, hundreds of attractive daily, weekly and monthly offers and other campaign prices. The Promo Cash&Carry loyalty card is free of charge.

Fill in the loyalty card application form now and you will be able to benefit from our excellent offers from the first day onwards!

Read the terms and conditions of the loyalty card.


Terms and conditions of purchasing and use of PROMO Cash&Carry gift cards: in Estonian, in Russian.


Opening hours:
Mon to Fri 7:00-21:00
Sat 07:00-19:00
Sun 08:00-18:00

Peterburi tee 61, 11415 Tallinn
Telephone: +372 6743 500
Fax: +372 6743 501